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Influence of weather conditions on the state of agricultural crops in June 2015

During June the average temperature regime appeared slightly higher than normal, and the period of very hot weather was short, however, the development of most crops saved advance in phase development from 1 to 3 weeks.

In June abnormal distribution of rainfall was observed – in the western part of the country its total amount was lower than in the eastern one.

Rainfall at the end of the month favourably influenced the agrometeorological situation in whole in the eastern part of the country – air relative humidity increased, dry hot wind phenomenon stopped. Drought ended under early bread wheat in many areas of the central regions where moisture reserves in soil were insufficient or unsatisfactory within a month and longer.

Despite the local damage of seeds due to rains and showers generally quite favourable conditions were created for ending the early bread wheat growing and forming the harvest of late crops. However, in the areas of heavy showers in some areas an excessive moisturizing of meter layer of soil for a period of bread wheat grain maturity was observed, which could result in the increase in areas of drowning.

Agrometeorological conditions for the formation of harvest of late crops, including sunflower and corn during all of the growing season, were superior to the good ones and contributed to the formation of powerful vegetal mass and relatively high harvest of this crop.

Such conditions developed due to the absence of large-scale drought phenomena, only in some places of Odessa and Kherson regions under sunflower and corn in late June the poor wetting of soil was observed.

In late June basically due to a moderate temperature background the phase development of agricultural crops has slowed somewhat, which was also a favourable factor for grain filling of early bread wheat and accumulation of vegetal mass of the later ones. With decrease of soil temperatures at 10 cm depth the conditions of harvest of potatoes, sugar beet, and allotment crops improved.

At the end of the month the winter crop grain throughout the country reached milky and waxy ripeness, in most areas of southern and Dnipropetrovsk regions it reached full one, harvesting began.

Grain of spring barley in most areas of the country reached milky ripeness, in many areas of central and southern areas – wax ripeness, in some areas of these regions – full ripeness, in late sowings of western and northern areas – earing and flowering continued. With regard to spring wheat depending on the timing of sowing flowering and milky ripeness was observed, with regard to oats – ear emergence, in individual crops of central and western regions milky ripeness of grain was observed.

State of early grain sowing is good and satisfactory, however due to local showers accompanied by strong winds the mechanical damage to plants and crops drowning, and damaging by agricultural pests were observed in some areas, in Kherson region due to drought phenomenon the grain shrivelling was observed.