UAJV "КАІС" LTD moves forward bravely despite the difficult times which the agroindustrial complex of Ukraine is experiencing.

The main directions of our activity are the following:

  1. Export of grain, oil and industrial crops.
  2. Own crop production.

In difficult conditions

Despite the fact that Ukrainian agricultural market is experiencing difficult times due to the general economic recession and excessive overregulation of the market, KAIS actively develops partnerships and finds solutions of persistent problems in close partnership with American partners.

These indicators make it possible to understand that regardless of difficulties KAISgoes forward confidently increasing its profitability.

What are the advantages of UAJV "КАІС" LTD in the agricultural market of Ukraine?

  1. High flexibility in tactics and strategy of development. KAIS is a private holding able to quickly adjust the way of its development through immediate and correct decision-making.
  2. Use of the most balanced marketing strategies. KAIS tries to do everything possible to protect its tariff policy. Thus, we do everything possible to reduce the cost of growing crops. How this can be done? By means of using own seed fund.
  3. A balanced approach to the output. We do not aim at receiving maximum of one hectare by all means. The main task of the company is preservation of balance where quality of brand is as good as harvest riches.
  4. We are constantly contacting local authorities, take adequate part in the development of social, educational spheres of the region’s life.

UAJV "КАІС" LTD – thinking about people!